TERMCAT, the centre for terminology in the Catalan language, was established in 1985 by the Government of Catalonia and the Institute of Catalan Studies.

TERMCAT’s mission is to ensure the development and integration of Catalan terminology into both specialist sectors and society in general through the constant creation of innovative, quality tools and resources in permanent dialogue with experts and users. TERMCAT’s activities take place within the framework of the process of standardising the Catalan language and in a global context determined by the knowledge society, diversity and multilingualism.

In accordance with its statutes, TERMCAT is a consortium with its own independent legal status, constituted by the Generalitat or Government of Catalonia – which is its principal source of funding – the Institute of Catalan Studies – which plays the role of reference in terminology standardisation – and the Consortium for Linguistic Standardisation – which ensures dissemination throughout Catalonia. TERMCAT is attached to the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Catalonia.

TERMCAT is governed by a Board of Managementon which the bodies that form part of the afore-mentioned consortium are represented. The work of terminology standardisation, that is to say, establishing new proposals regarding terminology necessary for the development of knowledge in different specialist areas, is the responsibility of a decision-making body known as the Supervisory Council. The fact that the Council’s composition includes several members of the Institute of Catalan Studies and that it is chaired by a member of its Philology Section ensures that its particular tasks are carried out in harmony with the overall work of systemising the Catalan language.

TERMCAT also enjoys a high standing in international spheres and regularly cooperates with the work of multilingual terminology networks.

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Board of Management

The TERMCAT Board of Management is formed by representatives from the Government of Catalonia, the Institute of Catalan Studies and the Consortium for Linguistic Standardisation.

The current composition of the Board of Management is as follows:

  • Ester Franquesa i Bonet, presidenta
    Direcció General de Política Lingüística

  • Joandomènec Ros Aragonès, vicepresident
    Institut d'Estudis Catalans

  • Jordi Bover i Salvadó, secretary

  • Marta Xirinachs i Codina
    Direcció General de Política Lingüística

  • M. Teresa Cabré i Castellví
    Institut d'Estudis Catalans

  • Mònica Pereña Pérez
    Departament d'Ensenyament

  • Josep Anton Mundó i Balcells
    Departament d'Empresa i Coneixement

  • Olga Alay i Torrecilla
    Departament d'Empresa i Coneixement

  • Josep Madorell i Bonora
    Consorci per a la Normalització Lingüística

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Supervisory Council

The TERMCAT Supervisory Council is a permanent corporate body that meets every two weeks to study the standardisation dossiers on cases of terminology that are pending standardisation and to approve documents on the linguistic criteria applied to terminology work.

The current composition of the Supervisory Council is as follows:

    Permanent members

  • Institut d'Estudis Catalans
    Secció Filològica
    Albert Jané i Riera, president

  • Institut d'Estudis Catalans
    Carolina Santamaria i Jordà

  • Institut d'Estudis Catalans
    Pere Lluís Font

    Jordi Bover i Salvadó

    Joan Rebagliato Nadal

    Appointed members

    Proposed by the chair of the Supervisory Council and the director of TERMCAT, the appointed members of the Supervisory Council are as follows:

  • Joan Nunes Alonso
    Doctor en Geografia

  • Carles Riera i Fonts
    Doctor en Filologia Catalana i llicenciat en Farmàcia i Teologia

    Geolinguistic advisors

    Proposed by the director of the Philology Section at the Institute of Catalan Studies and the director of TERMCAT, the following are the external geolinguistic advisors to the Supervisory Council:

  • Maria Josep Cuenca i Ordiñana
    Doctora en Filologia Catalana

  • Ramon Sistac i Vicén
    Doctor en Filologia Catalana

  • Joan Veny i Clar
    Doctor en Filologia Catalana


    Dolors Montes i Pérez

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Directory and organisation chart

A little history

Networks and cooperation

TERMCAT maintains stable cooperation relations both nationally and internationally with bodies and organisations devoted to terminology and related activities. Moreover, TERMCAT also promotes multilingual terminology work to ensure the international dissemination of Catalan. TERMCAT currently holds the secretariat of the European Association for Terminology.

TERMCAT is currently collaborating with the following networks:

AETEuropean Association for Terminology
AETERSpanish Association for Terminology
IITFInternational Institute for Terminology Research
INFOTERMInternational Information Centre for Terminology
REALITERPan-Latin Terminology Network
RITERMIbero-American Terminology Network
SCATERMCatalan Society of Terminology

TERMCAT cooperates closely with universities throughout the Catalan linguistic territory by supplying specialists to take part in terminology projects and to provide advisory services. The Centre has also established agreements with several universities to develop such outstanding initiatives as the Talaia project with the Open University of Catalonia.

Moreover, TERMCAT has established a framework cooperation agreement with the Xarxa Vives d’Universitats, which brings together the language services at the various universities in the Catalan-speaking territories. Under this agreement, members of the university community can collaborate in studies leading up to the approval of new terminology, and TERMCAT offers universities that are members of the network preferential treatment in the provision of its advisory, standardisation and terminology production services.

TERMCAT also takes part in university training programmes and awards internships to graduate and post-graduate students engaged in such studies as terminology, philology, translation and interpretation, etc., both at universities in Catalonia and elsewhere. To this end, TERMCAT has ongoing agreements with the following universities:

Autonomous University of Barcelona
Brussels Terminology Centre
Cluny-ISEIT University
Jaume I University
Open University of Catalonia
Pompeu Fabra University
Rovira i Virgili University
University of Alicante
University of Barcelona
University of Berlin
University of Corsica Pascal Paoli
University of Girona
University of Lille 3
University of Metz
University of Montpellie
University of Perpignan
University of Salamanca
University of the Balearic Islands
University of Vic

Parallel to these activities, TERMCAT has also established cooperation agreements with other bodies and organisations that play important roles in disseminating and promoting terminology. These include, particularly, the agreement signed with AENOR, the Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification, of which TERMCAT is also a member, to draw up the official Catalan version of the ISO and UNE standards. TERMCAT is also part of AENOR Technical Committee for Standardisation 191, the committee responsible for developing standards and guidance documents on terminology principles, methods and applications. This committee is a member body of ISO Technical Committee 37.

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TERMCAT in figures


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Easter, June 1 to September 30, and Christmas season: from 8 am to 3 pm

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