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EAFT Terminology Summit

The Terminology Summit is held every two years in a different European location. This event brings together all the institutions and organisms that work on the field of terminology with the aim of creating a solid platform for multilingualism within the framework of the European Union.

The last edition took place in Oslo, on the 10th-12th October 2012, and was organized by the Language Council of Norway, in collaboration with the European Association for Terminology (EAFT). The conference gathered together all the main European institutions and networks that work on terminology and its main topic was the public, institutional and professional responsibility of all the agents involved in the development, creation and promotion of terminologies.

In order to promote the multilingual terminology work and to enhance the international dissemination of Catalan, TERMCAT has always been a very active participant in the organization of these summits and has played an important role both by chairing conferences and making contributions on the Catalan case.

Topic of the Summit 2014

The overall topic for the summit is: How does social networking affect terminology work? In recent years social networks have burst into life, and into our work lives, too. Terminological work and its dissemination are no exception. This is why we have thought it would be interesting for the international terminology community to open a debate about the impact of social media on all spheres of terminology work, from research all the way through to dissemination.

There will be three back-to-back sessions covering different subtopics. In each session there will be guest speakers, who at the end of the session will make up a panel and answer some pre-prepared questions, followed by a general discussion. There will be also an open section addressed to those who want to share their experiences on the general topic proposed in a set time limit, e.g. exactly seven minutes.


Do social media offer easy access to expert opinions?
Do social media enable better identification of targets for terminological product?
Do social media enable better identification of organised specialist networks?
Do social media facilitate interaction between users in projects in progress?
Can we use social networks to raise funds for a project?
Can we use social networks to make contact with sponsors?


Should social networks be a source in terminological research?
Are social networks an appropriate consultation and response mechanism for terminological queries?
Can social networks be used to quickly identify the most recent neologisms?


Can social networks be used to disseminate terminology?
What terminological material is best-suited for dissemination via social networks?
What are the effects of not implementing a good social networking strategy?
What type of social network interaction model is best for terminology centres and organisations?
How does social networking affect terminology work?


Short presentations on how social media have affected the process when developing or communicating a terminological project.