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Arc de Triomf Les Rambles Parc de la Ciutadella Casa Milà (La Pedrera) Casa Batlló Barcelona des de la Sagrada Família


27th and 28th November

(Espais Terminològics 2014: 26th November. Related event organized by TERMCAT)


Barcelona, Residència d'Investigadors de Barcelona, c. Hospital, 64


European Association for Terminology (EAFT)
TERMCAT Centre de Terminologia
Direction of Linguistic Policy. Ministry of Culture of the Catalan Government


Délégation générale à la langue française et aux langues de France (DGLFLF)
Ministry of Culture of the Catalan Government
Societat Catalana de Terminologia (SCATERM)


Summit’s venue:

Close to Residència d’Investigadors (Summit’s venue):

Close to TERMCAT:

Important dates

Espais Terminològics: 26th of November
Summit: 27th and 28th of November
EAFT General Assembly: 27th of November
Night visit to La Pedrera and dinner: 27th of November
International Terminology Awards: 28th of November
Exhibition Català, llengua d’Europa: open for visitors on the 27th and 28th of November at the Summit’s venue

Related events

International Terminology Awards
The International Terminology Awards will also be given at the Summit. They reward the best works on the field of terminological research, both theoretical and applied. The prizes are awarded every two years by the EAFT following the verdict of an international jury formed by experts of recognized standing.

EAFT General Assembly

The celebration of the annual EAFT General Assembly will take place in conjunction with the Terminology Summit.

Espais Terminològics 2014 (Pre-Conference Catalan workshop)

The celebration of the Espais Terminològics, a workshop organized by TERMCAT every two years, will also take place in conjunction with the Terminology Summit.