Contracts, agreements and subsidies


TERMCAT did not grant any subventions during the 2022 financial year; neither does it plan to offer any subventions under its budgets for the 2023 financial year.

Contractor profile

In compliance with article 42 of Spanish law 30/2007 (on public sector contracts), TERMCAT's contractor profile is made public so as to ensure procurement activities are transparent and accessible:

Contractor profile

Scheduled hiring

TERMCAT does not have scheduled recruitment.

Awarding and formalization of contracts

Modifications, extensions, canceled tenders and early resolutions of contracts

Agreements and interpretive criteria of the procurement consultative bodies

TERMCAT does not have its own agreements and interpretive criteria.

Anonymized list of the most frequent questions and answers in recruitment inquiries

Resolutions of special appeals, issues of nullity, final judicial decisions in matters of contracting, acts of withdrawal, resignation and termination of contracts

To date, there have been no resolutions of special appeals in the matter of contracting, issues of nullity, final court rulings in the matter of contracting, acts of withdrawal, resignations or resolutions of contracts.

Recruitment statistics

Positions occupied by staff assigned by the awardees of contracts signed by the Administration

The TERMCAT does not have a permanent staff attached to the awardees in its public offices.

Tender processes

See TERMCAT's profile on the Government of Catalonia's Public Procurement page. 

Public registry of contracts

Government of Catalonia public registry of contracts.