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Lèxic de la crisi econòmica


Lèxic de la crisi econòmica - Presentation

© Author and Publisher: TERMCAT, Centre for Terminology, 2014


The Lèxic de la crisi econòmica is a dictionary of the terminology, mainly from the fields of economy and finance, but also those of society and employment, that is used both in specialized documentation and in the media to explain the current economic crisis. It contains 150 Catalan terms and the equivalents in Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, English and German.

Not all terms show the same degree of specialization: very specialized terms can be found alongside others that are more common or have already entered everyday speech; also, some terms can be considered jargon.

Most of the terms stem from a paper by the Coordination, Quality and Terminology Group of the Spanish Language Department of the Directorate-General for Translation of the European Commission published in the issues 130 and 131 of the journal Puntoycoma in the form of a table of English-Spanish equivalents. These terms can be found in the IATE (InterActive Terminology for Europe) database.

Clicking on Consulta de termes ('Term search'), terms can be looked up in two ways: using the alphabetical indexes (there is a different index for each language), or making simple or advanced searches in the upper space Text de la consulta ('Text search') in any of the dictionary’s languages. 


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TERMCAT, CENTRE DE TERMINOLOGIA. Lèxic de la crisi econòmica [en línia]. Barcelona: TERMCAT, Centre de Terminologia, cop. 2014. (Diccionaris en Línia)


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