TERMCAT team and employment

Executive positions

Director profile

Gross salary (not including three-yearly extra): €66.297,78 (includes the 2,25% raise granted to Catalan public servants effective as of January 2019, approved by the Government of Catalonia's budgets for 2019

Declaration of the director's property assets and interests

Allowances and expenses: nothing received in this category

Ineligibility: no rulings


List of permanent postitions

List of temporary contracts not found in the list of permanent positions: no contracts currently in force

List of positions occupied by personnel from parties awarded contracts through tender processes: no contracts currently in force

Number of employees and aggregate annual salary payments, as it stood in December 2019

Allowances and expenses: nothing received in this category

Staff profile statistics, as they stood in January 2020

Recruitment processes forecast

At TERMCAT we maintain a list of collaborators who can be called upon when opportunities arise to work with us on projects. For joining our list of collaborators, please sends the curriculum to administracio@termcat.cat.

To join TERMCAT as a member of our permanent staff, potential candidates should check for current recruitment processes. Details of these will be published in accordance with article 16 of TERMCAT's statutes, which relates to filling job vacancies in observance of the principles of public information, merit and capability. There are no recruitment processes currently in progress.

Union representation

At present, no working hours are dedicated to union representation.

Cost of union representation