Terminology networks

We are actively engaged in a range of collaborations, through terminology networks and working with national and international bodies. These involve the exchange and dissemination of information and publications, contributions to conferences and workshops, participation in multilingual terminology projects, and presences on the boards of various bodies and at their annual general assemblies.

TERMCAT works with the following networks and organizations:


European Association for Terminology


Spanish Association for Terminology


Pan-Latin Terminology Network


Ibero-American Terminology Network


Catalan Society for Terminology

TERMCAT has a partnership with the Spanish Association for Standardization (UNE) under which it produces the official Catalan versions of UNE's standards. TERMCAT also belongs to CTN 191 (Technical Committee on Standardization), which looks after the standardization of principles, methods and applications in the field of terminology. CTN 191 is Spain's representative on ISO's (International Organization for Standardization) Technical Committee 37, which is responsible for language and terminology.