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Nomenclatura de gestió universitària (XVU)


Nomenclatura de gestió universitària (XVU) - Presentació

© Author: The Vives Network

© Publisher: TERMCAT, Terminology Centre, 2017

With the advice of: TERMCAT, Terminology Centre


This dictionary results from the collaboration between the Vives Network and the TERMCAT, Terminology Centre. Its aim is to provide an online version of the work carried out by the Language Committee of the Vives Network through the working group on Terminology and Nomenclature, comprising specialists from the language services of the Network’s 14 universities.

This work began with the translation into English of all those terms and concepts in documents such as regulations and other institutional texts produced by these universities, and which had no direct or clear equivalence in English. Each university had found its own particular solutions to these issues, but it was thought necessary to agree to, and make available, a set of common terms for all the universities in the Vives Network. This in turn gave rise to the production of a university-administration nomenclature shared amongst those universities that joined the project. Subsequently, other terms were added that—whilst not in themselves of a problematic nature as far as their translation was concerned—helped to give a sense of completeness to the project. The version that we publish here will be periodically updated with new terms, as the need arises.

Currently, the dictionary contains 465 terms from the ambit of university administration. The entries contain equivalences in Spanish and English, and provide notes on usage when this is thought necessary.

From the tab titled “Consulta de termes” (Consult Terms), you can access the entries in three distinct ways: through the alphabetical list of all terms for each one of the languages in the Nomenclature; thematically, on both Catalan and English (for example, “òrgans de govern/governing bodies”); or through simple or advanced searches entered directly into the “Text de la consulta” word-and-phrase search box. This latter search type can be made in any of the languages included in the dictionary.


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XARXA VIVES D’UNIVERSITATS. Nomenclatura de gestió universitària [en línia]. Barcelona: TERMCAT, Centre de Terminologia, cop. 2017.



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