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Gastronomia japonesa - Presentació

© Author and publisher: TERMCAT, Centre for Terminology, 2006


In this piece of work, you could find 20 terminology records related to ingredients and typical dishes from Japan cuisine, which have become part of the gastronomical scene in the Catalan countries.

Clicking on "Consulta de termes" ('Search term'), terms can be looked up in three ways: using the alphabetical indexes (there is a different index for each language); using the "Accés temàtic" ('Thematic access') in Catalan (it gathers denominations by thematic areas); or introducing a term in any language in the upper space "Text de la consulta" ('Text search'); this third option allows simple or advanced searches.


Author and publisher:



TERMCAT, CENTRE DE TERMINOLOGIA. Gastronomia japonesa [en línia]. Barcelona: TERMCAT, Centre de Terminologia, cop. 2006. (Diccionaris en Línia)


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