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Vocabulari terminològic LGBT (lèsbic, gai, bisexual i transgènere)

Vocabulari terminològic LGBT (lèsbic, gai, bisexual i transgènere) - Presentació


© Author: Marta Breu

© Publisher: TERMCAT, Terminology Centre , 2013

With the advice of: TERMCAT, Terminology Centre



This dictionary, by Marta Breu, offers nearly 200 terms related to the LGBT community (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgenders), with the denomination and the definition in Catalan and the equivalents in Spanish, English and French.


It is a basic terminology related to the sexual orientation, sexual and gender identity and the relationship between the LGBT community and the society (activism, rights and family, entertainment, etc.). The vocabulary is result of a master dissertation by the author and has been revised by TERMCAT, specifically by the terminologist Dolors Montes. It is an open work planned to be growing with new terms and new fields.


Clicking on Consulta de termes ('Search term'), terms can be looked up in two ways: using the alphabetical indexes (there is a different index for each language), or introducing a term in any language in the upper space Text de la consulta ('Text search'); this second option allows simple or advanced searches.




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BREU, Marta. Vocabulari terminològic LGBT (lèsbic, gai, bisexual i transgènere) [en línia]. Barcelona: TERMCAT, Centre de Terminologia, cop. 2013. (Diccionaris en Línia)



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