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Diccionari de circ


Diccionari de circ - Presentació

© Author and publisher: TERMCAT, Centre for Terminology, 2015
In collaboration with: Associació de Professionals de Circ de Catalunya


The Diccionari de circ (‘Circus dictionary’) defines over five hundred terms belonging to different areas of knowledge related to circus: acrobatics, aerials, balancing, show, acting area and management.

This online dictionary gathers a selection of terms from a wider terminological project on circus terms, currently in preparation. TERMCAT publishes this partial data online to facilitate public consultation. Its intention is to enlarge the selection of terms with words belonging to the other areas of knowledge in the future.

Each term offers the denominations and a definition in Catalan and the equivalents in Spanish, French, English and, in some cases, Italian and German. Some terms also include notes and illustrations.

TERMCAT has developed this online dictionary with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Catalonia and in collaboration with the Catalan circus association Associació de Professionals de Circ de Catalunya. Marta Garcia is the author of the image that illustrates the dictionary.

With this edition TERMCAT would like to reinforce the main will of this terminological work: that terminology of circus be accessible to all its users. We encourage all users to spread it among the groups involved and to send us any suggestion of improvement or update.

Clicking on "Consulta de termes" (‘Term search’), terms can be looked up using the alphabetical indexes (there is a different index for each language), or making simple or advanced searches in the upper space "Text de la consulta" (‘Text search’) in any of the dictionary languages.


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Further information about this project (in Catalan):

. Information about the first meeting held with experts for the standardization of circus terms.
Finestra neològica on acrobatics terms (standardized terms).
. En primera persona: the experts of the Diccionari de circ.
. Article on circus terminology by Elisabeth Casademont (TERMCAT) at Zirkolika magazine (2013), num. 39.
. Information about the second meeting held with experts for the standardization of circus terms.
. Apunt terminològic on terms related to circus big top (illustration)


Author and publisher:



In collaboration with:



TERMCAT, CENTRE DE TERMINOLOGIA. Diccionari de circ [en línia]. Barcelona: TERMCAT, Centre de Terminologia, cop. 2015. (Diccionaris en Línia)


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